Bachelor of Theology

Program Description

Social, global and personal significance, as well as its impact on human with the Christian world, Ministry and Missionary perspective are the focuses of this program. It is intended to combine core training in concepts and issues in the study of the Bible and ministry for Christian growth. The program covers diverse approaches to the study of religion, world religions, and the contemporary world. This program is design to equip students for ministry skills and effective communication of the Gospel serving church and local people.

This program is to provide students:

  • (1) concentrated on study in the basic Christian Theology or discipline with the background of a general understanding of theology, biblical studies, and missions and
  • (2) Opportunities to attain advanced capabilities in Christian leadership based on the Bible

Unit Credits

A. Basic Biblical Study Courses (core) 24 Credits
B. Christian Education Courses (core) 9 Credits
C. Christian History & Mission Courses (core) 6 Credits
D. General- Cultural Sciences Courses (core) 30 Credits
E. Systematic Theology Courses (core) 24 Credits
F. Any 300 or 400 Theological Level Courses from Under Graduate Class Listings (elective) 27 Credits
Total Credits 120 Credits

Required Courses

A. Basic Biblical Study Courses (core) (24 credits)
BBS 110Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
ODT 100Old Testament Survey
NWT 100New Testament Survey
BLA 100Introduction to Biblical Languages Hebrew and Greek
NWT 240Life and Ministry of Jesus
NWT 340Life and Ministry of Paul
HEB 210Beginning Hebrew
GRE 310Introduction to Greek
B. Christian Education Courses (core, 9 credits)
CED 110Principle of Modern Christian Education
CED 310Church Training
CED 400Educational Ministry for Multicultural Societies
C. Christian History & Mission Courses (core, 6 credits)
HIS 300 History of Christianity
MIS 200 History & Principles of Modern Missions
D. General- Cultural Sciences Courses (Core) (30 Credits)
LAN 100Communicative Skills for Ministry
SCI 100Basic Computer Science
RES 100Basic Research Writing
SOC 210Introduction to Ethics
HUM 210Introduction to Philosophy
HUM200Introduction to Sociology
MIS 220Understanding World Religions
THE 321Theology of St. Augustine’s City of God
LEA 370Mother Leah’s Spirituality for Pastoral Leadership
MIS 400Cross Cultural Communication of the Gospel
MIS 450Urban Cultural Anthropology
LEA 470Apostolic Spirituality for Ministry
E. Systematic Theology Courses (core, 24 credits)
THE 100Survey of Biblical Doctrines
THE 210The Theology of God
THE 220The Theology of Christ
THE 230The Theology of Salvation
THE 300The Theology of the Holy Spirit
THE 320The Theology of the Church
THE 410Theology of John Calvin
THE 415Theology of John Wesley
F. Any 300 or 400 Theological Level Courses from Under Graduate Class Listings
(electives, 27 credits = 9subjects)
HIS 301 Principles of U.S. Government and Religion
CUL 420 Introduction to Koreanology with the Bible
CUL 440 Introduction to Spanishology with the Bible
CUL 450 Principles of Translation In the Bible
GRE 300 New Testament Greek for Biblical Study
GRE 310 Beginning Greek (The Bible Text)
GRE 420 New Testament Greek I
GRE 430 New Testament Greek II
RES 100 Basic Research Writing in Bible
HEB 330 Hebrew I
HEB 430 Hebrew II
ODT 330 Poetic and Wisdom Literature
ODT 340 Major and Minor Prophets
ODT 440 Hebrew Prophets
ODT 442 Advanced Survey of the Historical Books
ODT 432 Advanced Studies in Psalms
ODT 470 In depth Studies in Isaiah
ODT 350 Studies of Minor Prophets
ODT 490 Selected Topics of Old Testament
NWT 320 Acts
NWT 330 Romans
NWT 420 Selected Pauline epistles
NWT 490 Selected Topics in New Testament
CHI 200 The First and Second Century Church
CHI 320 The Reformations of the 15th and 16th Centuries
CHI 340 The Post-Reformation Church Development
CHI 400 The Asian Church
LEA 410 Leading for Change in the Church
LEA 420 Leading in Cross-Culture Setting in the Church
LEA 311 Strategic and organizational Leadership in the Church
LEA 331 Leadership in Postmodern Culture in Christianity
LEA 362 Principles of Biblical Leadership
LEA 441 Transformational Leadership(Pastoral)
LEA 460 Empowered Leadership(Pastoral)
LEA 490 Independent Research in Pastoral Leadership
CED 200 Introduction to Teacher Training in Church
CON 300 Principles of Pastoral Counseling
WOR 400 Introduction to Christian Worship
CAD 310 Church Ministry Management
CHA 320 Leadership for the Financial Development of the local Church
CHA 340 Stewardship and Capital Fundraising
CED 310 Children and Youth Ministry in the Local Church
CED 420 Great Commission Discipleship
MIS 300 Modern Cults and Isms
MIS 331 Biblical Theology of mission
MIS 420 Developing a Mission Church
EVA 300 Evangelism Through Small Groups
EVA 320 Church Growth Principles
WOR 510 Introduction to Christian Worship